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Tech Support In India

It’s well known that India is a huge source of tech support in the world.  However, despite the sometimes lower cost, it’s not always a bed of roses.  It’s well known that native English speakers (often calling from the United States) get incredibly frustrated with the Indian tech support people because of difficulty understanding as well as a disconnect.  The callers do not feel like they are being helped – they just feel that they are talking to someone who is reading from a binder of scenarios.

It’s mostly the accent that gets the callers, however.  And in a few high-profile moves, companies such as AT&T and Dell have begun moving these tech support jobs back to the United States.  However, it will remain to be seen how well this pans out for the companies, as it will cost almost four times as much to employ the workers in the United States.


Spyware Protection

Spyware is even more of a problem than ever these days, and it’s important for people to know how to protect their important data as well as their personal information.  Most of the time spyware gets onto a computer undetected in a kind of “drive by” installation from a website.  This can happen in a variety of ways.  Most people think that if they go to only “safe” sites they will be OK.  However, even big name sites can get hacked and infected with malware.  The best thing to do?  Install antimalware software onto your computer.  Some examples are Spyhunter 4 as well as Norton 360.  I often get asked if Spyhunter 4 is safe, and it is.  It’s one of the best antimalware software programs out there on the market.  I also use Norton 360 on my computer, and have found it to be very effective and easy to use.

If your computer gets damaged by malware or a virus, you can always use Reimage to get it back into a working state.  I did this, although there were always some things “wrong” with my computer ever since.